Workshops and Presentations

All Honest Exchange, LLC workshops can be customized to the specific interests of community groups, schools, religious organizations, workplaces, healthcare practices or professional associations. The following list is just a sample of the many workshops available.

The New Birds & Bees: How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex

Parents and guardians learn to talk comfortably about sexuality during this fun, informative workshop that emphasizes identifying personal values and sharing them with children and teens so they can make smart choices.

The Care & Feeding of Your Changing Body: A Workshop for Adolescents

This fun, two-evening workshop coaches adolescents about the physical, emotional and social changes puberty brings. The program helps moms and daughters or dads and sons learn about each other and speak more candidly about sensitive subjects.

Win-Win Conversation Skills for Teens

This fast-paced, 30-minute workshop introduces teens to communication skills they can use with parents, friends, teachers, and romantic interests. They’ll gain active listening skills, understand the qualities that comprise good communication, and learn tips that will help them communicate more effectively. Instruction accentuates the importance of teens’ voicing their personal values, opinions and needs. This presentation is a great companion to high school health classes. At the host teacher’s discretion, the workshop can include communication skills related to sexual decision-making, such as boundaries, expectations, and privacy issues. This workshop can be extended to 60-minutes with the inclusion of role playing activities.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Decision-Making Skills for Teens

Lively activities help teens identify their personal values and anticipate how to make decisions in keeping with those values. Instruction accentuates the importance of choices that protect teens emotionally and physically.

The Lion’s Way: A Lesson in Stress-Reduction

Relaxed attentiveness prepares lions to pounce when it counts. Easy, practical relaxation techniques reduce stress so teens can “pounce” on academic tasks. Teachers who attend qualify for professional development hours.

Sex Education Skills for Teachers

Activities and discussion increase teacher comfort with language related to sexuality, which improves communication when students need factual information or simply a caring adult’s perspective. Teachers who attend qualify for professional development hours.

Self respect is reflected in how people talk to and about themselves. Learn a new language and perspective that will help improve self esteem and confidence. For more information, see the program flyer.

Sex: Now, We’re Talking!

This workshop helps adults feel at ease with the language of sexuality so they can communicate more effectively with lovers, doctors and others.

Menopause 101

Offered jointly with a gynecologist, this popular program addresses the biological, emotional, and sexual side of perimenopause and menopause. You can enjoy these life stages as a sensual, sexual woman.

Bring Back That Loving Feeling: A Workshop about Cancer and Sex

This program, typcally hosted by medical centers and cancer support groups, helps individuals with cancer make the emotional and physical adaptations that enable them to enjoy greater sexual pleasure. Partners are welcome to attend.

Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter

This highly interactive program can be offered as a single event focused on one topic or as a series of up to 12 classes. It is geared toward adults in mid- and later life and employs a curriculum developed by noted sex educators Peggy Brick, Jan Lundquist, Allyson Sendak and Bill Taverner.

Learning to Love Your Vs: A Women’s Workshop

This workshop is part anatomy/physiology class, part lesson in appreciation for often mis-understood female genitalia. Interactive discussion ranges from language to healthcare issues. Appropriate for mature teen and adult women.

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