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When I was a substitute teacher in a New Jersey public school district, each day would begin with an fuzzy intercom message about character education, read by the principal or a student assigned to do the day’s message. I’m sure the effort looked good on paper, but in the classroom, students would patently ignore the announcement. Schools across the country tout their character education programs, but a federal study has...

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Boys, Girls & Sexual Pressure

Posted By on Jun 30, 2009

Something’s terribly wrong when a 14-year-old girl thinks suicide is the only way to escape her boyfriend’s insistence on having sex. Visibly upset, a father told me recently that his daughter was so distraught by the pressure her boyfriend put on her to have sex that she thought suicide would be easier than continuing to resist him. She confided in a teacher, who alerted the father, who found the girl a therapist. After...

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