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It’s easy make a resolution to have better sex in 2010, but what would that mean to you? What would you need to do differently this year from the last? The ubiquitious Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends that people resolve to have sex at least once or twice weekly–the more the better–for health reasons. You can read his column here. His recommendation is good because there are health benefits to having sex. It gives your heart...

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Time for Sex? Yawn.

Posted By on Aug 3, 2009

Don’t assume your partner is bored if he or she yawns while you’re getting sexually intimate. Most likely, the yawn indicates a shift from one mental state to another. According to University of Maryland researcher Dr. Robert Provine, yawning may be triggered by the release of Dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a hormone associated with the pleasure and reward, i.e., your brain’s ability to figure out, on a...

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Parents Need Sex Ed, Too!

Posted By on Jul 10, 2009

A woman is suing an Egyptian hotel, claiming her 13-year-old daughter became pregnant from swimming in a mixed-gender pool. Hmm. I empathize with this mom’s interest in protecting her daughter’s reputation, and I understand why she might want to deny that her daughter had violated her familiar and/or religious prohibitions against pre-marital sex. However, if Mom were to take her blinders off for a minute, she might forgo...

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Boys, Girls & Sexual Pressure

Posted By on Jun 30, 2009

Something’s terribly wrong when a 14-year-old girl thinks suicide is the only way to escape her boyfriend’s insistence on having sex. Visibly upset, a father told me recently that his daughter was so distraught by the pressure her boyfriend put on her to have sex that she thought suicide would be easier than continuing to resist him. She confided in a teacher, who alerted the father, who found the girl a therapist. After...

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HPV & Safer Anal Sex

Posted By on Jun 27, 2009

Most reports of actress Farrah Faucett’s death neglected to mention that she had anal cancer, presumably because news outlets were hesitant to mention the type of cancer. That’s a shame, since anal cancer rates are increasing. ABC News was among the few news outlets to publish a good article on it, which you can read here. Anal cancer is thought to be associated with the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is sexually...

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