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Happy Masturbation Month!

Posted By on May 27, 2010

How do you plan to celebrate the last weekend of National Masturbation Month? The majority of people either masturbate or have done it at some time in their life — enough so that a month-long celebration was initiated several years ago. Self-pleasure cannot lead to pregnancy, sexually transmitted infection, or heartbreak. The only harm that comes from masturbation is due to the stigma that makes some people feel that they are...

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Has your relationship left you hungering for more? Has white bread sex left you hankering for more excitement? Has a steady diet of fast, raw sex left you longing for soft, slow kisses? Consider re-writing your Intimacy Menu to kick off the new year. It’s not unusual for people to rely on a sexual script with the same “let’s do it” signals, foreplay sequence, and sexual positions time after time. After all, why...

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