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A Poem about Mature Love

Posted By on Nov 29, 2011

I don’t often write poetry; most of my writing involves workshops, lectures, and lesson plans. Once in a while, though, I am moved to write a poem. I wrote this one in 2006, and it wasn’t until I re-read it recently that I realized how closely it suits my current work in sexuality and aging.  I offer it to you in hopes of inspiring you to reflect on your own maturing sexual nature. Kissing You I don’t remember where we first kissed,...

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Join me for a free webinar, “Sex and Aging: Changing for the Better” from 3-4 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011 hosted by  She will discuss age-related changes in sexual anatomy, physiology and function and how men and women can successfully adapt to them. Sex and intimacy also change with age, sometimes for the better! Whether you are single or coupled, you can enjoy greater self-awareness, sensuality and...

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For more youthful genitals….

Posted By on Jan 22, 2010

I thought I’d heard the end penultimate idea in youth-salvaging plastic surgery when the”Dr. 90210″ TV show fatured a proceedure that involved injecting a woman’s back fat into her labia majora. Supposedly, age-related thinning in that area was considered unacceptable. But lo and behold, here comes another procedure — dying the vulvar skin (specifically the labia minora, or “little lips”) any...

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