College Parent Peace of Mind Package

College Parent Peace of Mind Package


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Freshman year at college is rife with academic and social pressures that can make social and sexual decision making difficult. Gain peace of mind by giving your soon-to-be-freshman a private consultation with Melanie Davis, PhD, AASECT-Certified Sexuality Educator. Dr. Melanie is an adjunct professor of undergrad and graduate human sexuality courses, and she has guided three of her own children through college. She is the author of Sexuality Talking Points: A guide to thoughtful conversations between parents and children”.

Your teen’s 60-minute consultation will include a brief needs assessment and, as needed, information on self-esteem; sexual decision making, boundaries and communication skills; contraception/safer sex; the impact of drugs and alcohol on sexual health and decisions; discussion about gender identity or sexual orientation; help with relationship skills; sexuality and chronic illness or disability; and other topics.

In addition, your teen may contact Dr. Melanie up to 10 times by phone or email during freshman year, at no extra charge. Phone calls will be limited to 15 minutes per call. The content of the consult and texts will remain confidential.  Purchaser acknowledges that Dr. Melanie is a sexuality education consultant, not a counselor or therapist.

Dr. Melanie’s sexuality education consults are conducted in the medical offices of the New Jersey Center for Sexual Wellness in Bedminster, NJ.  The office are wheelchair accessible, and phone/Skype appointments are available for clients who cannot travel to the office.

* A friend added to the consult does not qualify for additional phone/email contact unless the friend pays the full $250 package price.

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