A Space of My Own: Lessons on Personal Boundaries (Grades 1-3)

A Space of My Own: Lessons on Personal Boundaries (Grades 1-3)


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This 2-part unit plan teaches children in Grades 1-3 about personal space, the invisible self-protective area surrounding every person. By introducing young children to the concept of personal space, teachers may empower them to recognize their zone of privacy and protect it through boundary-setting skills. A Space of My Own also teaches children to respect others’ personal space.  Focusing on “stranger danger” denies the statistical fact that 80% of child abuse is perpetrated by someone familiar to victims. These fun lessons focus on a child’s right to personal space rather than on those who would encroach upon it. Teaching about personal space and boundaries is helpful, as ethnic groups and cultures are becoming increasingly intertwined. People from differing cultures value greater or larger amounts of personal space; their history of personal safety or abuse may impact their understanding of personal space; and they may have psychological and developmental differences that affect the length of time it takes to grasp the concept.

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