Lingerie redeux?

“Babe, you look hot in that corset…like you always do.” Ack. Talk about ruining the mood. There you are, trying to look alluring, and your partner’s thinking, “Same old, same old.” What to do, to prevent a lingerie redeux? Visit, a FREE online clothing journal and management tool.

The site was created to help people track professional and special-occasion wardrobes so their contacts don’t see them in the same outfit time and time again. But there’s no reason you can’t use it to track who saw you in which skivvies, flannel, g-strings, Latex or leather (hey, I haven’t a clue what you think is sexy).

Once you register, you can access your personal calendar, click on a specific date, and easily enter what you wore and who you saw. Before you see that person next time, you can check what you wore for earlier encounters.

Currently, the site has no application that tracks what you DID when you wore a particular piece of clothing, but you can upload a photo of each outfit or individual piece of attire. And, you can add clothing categories (Boots, garters, blindfolds, baby dolls, cuffs…)

It’s free to register at, so login and stop worrying about boring your lover with the same old, same old intimate wear.