Keep the Vibe Outta Your Sexy Ride

Vibrators can add all sorts of fun to sex play, but not while you drive.  An unfortunate male in California was arrested on a drug charge while he had an anal vibrator in place. The remote control unit was in his pants pocket, causing quite a stir in the offices of the California Highway Patrol. The bomb squad was called in, and three hours later (?) it was determined that indeed, the object in question was a vibrator. Here’s the full story

The article didn’t mention what kind of vibrator was in use, but here’s a safety tip: Only insert anal toys with a flange at the base that will prevent the toy from going all the way into the rectum and getting stuck. Sure a doc in the ER could remove it for you, but why take the risk?  Also, maintain your own supply of toys that you clean fastidiously. Borrowing anal toys from another user can spread bacteria.