I’m Advocate of the Year!

I am very pleased to announced that I was named 2012 Advocate of the Year by Fantasia Home Parties.  The award was presented to me by President and Founder Rina Valen during the company’s annual convention and training in Philadelphia, PA. The award notes that it was given “For her support, education and empowerment through her contributions to our staff, our sales force, and women across the USA.”
Each year, I conduct an educational program for the sales representatives, followed by a lengthy question and answer session. I am also available to answer the sales reps’ questions throughout the year, and I write an advice column for the company website. I am proud to be Fantasia Home Parties’ sexuality educator-in-residence. Very few companies selling adult romance products appreciate the value of sexuality education for their sales force. Rina knows that her representatives may be the only sex educators her customers have ready access to, and she feels it is vital that her reps have the ability to accurately answer customer questions.
Click to read the Sex Advice & Spice column I write for the company’s retail website.