Free Beer, Hot Wings & Senior Sex–all in a day’s work

Between the beginning of March 2012 and April 11, a small group of sexologists build a website called in a partnership with DDB NYC, a powerful ad agency behind a campaign to get older adults to use condoms to stem the tide of STDs among seniors.  DDB NCY created a joyful video that has helped drive traffic to our website for more information on safer sex and relationships. The video has had around 880,000 views as of this writing, which is incredible. More views than that, actually, given the number of people who have reposted it to show under their own names and with their own music.
Traffic to the website has been consistently high, which means that a lot of people are getting great information. They may also like the free, downloadable poster and Ask an Expert feature.
This has been a wild ride, with all sorts of media attention; the Press page offers a sample of coverage. Which brings me to my brief visit to the Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show, which airs on radio stations across the country and on the internet.
I was wary about my visit, given that the hosts, nicknamed Free Beer and Hot Wings, make a living poking fun at pretty much anything. I’ve held my own against some strong personalities before, though, so I figured I’d give it a shot. The bit started out with the guys aptly describing the video, then they welcomed me and asked a few questions one would expect, like, “Have you tried all these positions?” Maybe they expected me to be shocked, but I wasn’t. I also wasn’t about to discuss my own sex life, so they moved on.  The 13 minute segment was over painlessly, followed by show producer Joe Gassman calling his mom and illustrating how NOT to talk with a parent about safer sex. Fortunately, Mom Gassman shares her son’s sense of humor.

Producer Joe Gassman talks to his mom , unsuccessfully, about practicing safer sex.