Athletes as Allies for LGBTQ Peers

Athletes tend to be among the most well-known students at high schools and colleges, and they can have a big influence on what’s considered hip, cool, and acceptable.  I’m happy to introduce you to a program called Athlete Ally, which encourages student athletes to pledge to respect the rights of all students of all sexual orientations and identities.  The pledge was started by Hudson Taylor, a competing athlete and Division I college wrestling coach at Columbia University. He graduated from the University of Maryland as a Division I three-time All-American wrestler in 2010 and currently ranks among the top-five pinners in NCAA history.

Taylor’s commitment to social justice led him to create an online pledge program to encourages athletes to not only avoid harming others based on sexual orientation and identity but also to take action to stop harmful behavior the witness by others.  Please visit the site and share the pledge with the student athletes you know!

For tips on how teens can be allies of their LGBT peers, visit this great new site from the fabulous educators at Sex, Etc.