Porn & The Town Manager

Should a wife’s role in an adult film affect her husband’s employment? In Fort Myers Beach, FL, town manager Scott Janke was fired when the Town Council learned that his wife, Anabela, had done porn.

Janke accepts his firing, saying that a “private family matter” requires his attention anyway. But we shouldn’t be so accepting. Anabela Janke didn’t do anything illegal, and I’ll venture a guess that more than a few town residents have watched adult films, if not hers (titled, My Best Friend’s Mom, BTW).

Mayor Larry Kiker reportedly said, “It was a situation of where the town was put in in terms of how effective [sic] we can govern without distraction.” The council then voted 5-0 to fire Janke without cause, which enables him to receive severance pay.

Might Anabela’s film work have affected the Council’s work? Yes, if her film were aired during a Council meeting. The Council’s vote was ridiculous and unnecessary. I think Janke should have kept his job even if he himself had been in an adult film, as long as he kept his pants on during business hours. Let’s focus on real problems, folks. We’ve got plenty of those to address.

To see a news clip about the incident, click here.