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Melanie Davis, PhD

“This journal is so wonderful in its beautiful simplicity– the perfect tool to assist any woman with an exploration of her own sexuality. The questions were crafted with much care, and because of that, they encourage such a mature, thought provoking process to unfold. Some of the topics and questions may go slightly beyond the realm of what you are used to in your typical everyday conversations with your girlfriends…If the reader is honest with herself during this journey, she WILL come into a better understanding of herself. What more could anyone ask for?” – from Amazon

“By creating Look Within: A Woman’s Journal, certified sex educator Dr. Melanie Davis has given a gift to women, who will appreciate a place to reflect on topics they may never have thought of before. Professionals will like the book as a tool to use with individual women and groups. Dr. Davis includes fun quotes to give the reader encouragement along the way.” — Stephanie Buehler, PsyD, CST-S, Author of “What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know about Sex”

Look Within is a lovely book of questions for women to reflect upon in a gentle, self-accepting way. This book will help many women explore, nurture and reclaim their sexuality and selves. I love it!” — Andrea Reese, Certified NYC Barbara Sher Success Team Leader

“This is one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive guides for women’s reflection I’ve seen. Dr. Davis’s thoughtful and intriguing prompts mirror her warmth, insight, and intelligence and combine to offer a unique and exciting addition to a woman’s personal journey and to women’s support groups or discussion groups.” — Yolanda Turner, PhD, Eastern University & Central Counseling Associates

“In Look Within, Melanie Davis combines the girlfriendly truths of our adolescence with the wise reflections of womanhood into one thought-provoking journal about life, sex, and self-esteem. Grab a pen and your copy and prepare to re-awaken your sexual curiosity and self-awareness.” — Jen Singer, Author & Blogger

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